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Evbg Cem Cert Faqs Hero

Q: What is the CEM Standards Framework™?

Everbridge’s CEM Standards Framework™, which is based on 20 years of best practice insight in Critical Event Management, is used to assess eligible organizations for Best in Resilience™. This assessment examines an organization’s competencies across four categories and several dimensions, including:

Data & analytics – Asset Data, Threat Monitoring, Reporting & Insights
Digital transformation – Digitized Protocols, Integrated View, Scalable Cloud
Smart process automation – Process Orchestration, Automated Correlation, Response Activation
Communication & collaboration – Location-based Communication, Massive Multimodal, Engagement & Collaboration

Q: Why should my organization get Best in Resilience™ certified?

Best in Resilience™ Certification identifies organizations that meet and exceed the CEM Standards Framework™. Through the certification process, organizations:

  • Benchmark performance against industry peers, including areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
  • Improve planning, budgeting and resource allocation
  • Drive strong return on investment through targeted initiatives
  • Demonstrate a commitment to resilience and duty of care, instilling trust among employees, partners, customers, and investors
  • Recruit and retain top talent
  • Formalize recognition at the organizational level for global leadership in enterprise resilience
  • Reward individual achievement via employee certifications on professional profiles

Q: Why is it important to implement best practices as represented in the CEM Standards Framework™?

CEM success unlocks enterprise resilience. A strong CEM program helps organizations:

  • Make better strategic data-driven decisions
  • Enable and protect revenue streams
  • Increase profitability through expense efficiencies
  • Drive operational improvements
  • Ensure consistent practices are applied globally
  • Fulfill duty of care
  • Automate intelligently
  • Bolster brand & reputation
  • Help keep people safe and operations running, faster™

Q: How long is the certification program?

Our assessment process spans 3-5 weeks; it begins with an orientation workshop followed by a series of assessment interviews with key stakeholders in your organization. Each certification lasts 12 months and is renewed through a shorter process. Reports will include references to previous years as well as industry benchmarks.

Assessment steps:

  • Step 1: Orientation Workshop
  • Step 2: CEM Certification Assessment (kickoff, interviews, readout)
  • Step 3: Deliver Report & Improvement Plan
  • Step 4: Periodic Checkups

Q: Who designed the Best in Resilience™ certification seal?

The Best in Resilience™ seal was designed by Chermayeff-Geismar-Havivin through their rigorous process of symbol making to capture the essence of Critical Event Management (CEM).

Q: How are CEM standards determined and what other entities are they benchmarked with?

CEM Standards Framework™ is based on best practices and lessons learned from past CEM deployments with many of the world’s leading corporations and institutions. The CEM Standards Framework™ applies the experience of over 500,000 hours of Everbridge Professional Services engagements.

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