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What Makes CEM so Valuable?

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Critical events are costly and can be deadly. They cause disruptions to your business operations and pose serious safety risks to your employees, visitors, and customers. They interrupt global supply chains and threaten assets and revenue. They can impact your brand’s reputation, and your IT infrastructure can become vulnerable.

Critical events can be natural or humanmade, digital or physical. They are as wide ranging as global pandemics, extreme weather, terrorism, active assailants, threats to executives, brand and reputational crises, theft of physical or intellectual properties, utility outages, IT failures of business-critical systems, or cyber attacks.

The speed and completeness of how you handle critical events directly affects the safety of your people and the productivity of your teams. It can make the difference in avoiding millions of dollars in costs or lost revenue.

Safeguarding your organization against these disruptions is a great responsibility and a great challenge. Regardless of the nature of the event, Critical Event Management (CEM) helps organizations of all sizes protect their people and assets, and keeps business operations running during major disruptions.

CEM integrates risk intelligence and assessment, business continuity, life safety, disaster recovery, emergency response, natural disaster, crisis management, IT incident response, pandemic response, and mass notification all rolled into a unified purpose-built platform.

Know quicker, act faster, & improve over time.

"Business Resilience Is No Longer Optional. What the pandemic has done is laid bare the immaturity of our enterprise risk management programs and our business continuity planning and preparedness. It's also laid bare the extent to which many enterprises have underinvested in dependable technology that underpins employee experience and customer engagement."

Forrester, "Business Resilience Is No Longer Optional," by Stephanie Balaouras, May 12, 2020

Best in Resilience™

Best in Resilience™ - An Enterprise Perspective

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Customer Examples

Hyper-Local Intelligence

During recent hurricanes, a major hotel chain more accurately and quickly identified which properties would be directly impacted by the potential of follow-on flooding. CEM allowed the organization to only close impacted properties and keep others open, proactively moving guests to properties that remained out of harm’s way while retaining revenues and improving guest satisfaction.

CEM Local Intelligence
CEM Business Continuity

Business Continuity

A large global biotechnology company leveraged CEM technology in the week leading up to a major tropical storm. Because the platform enabled the company to observe possible threats in a streamlined, coherent way, its executives realized that their business depended heavily on one component, supplied by a single source located in Puerto Rico.

Duty of Care

A major oil services firm determined within 15 minutes if any of its employees have been impacted by violent acts anywhere in the world, empowering the company to put in place procedures to operate safely in new geographies.

CEM duty of care
CEM supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

A major manufacturer eliminated downtime due to winter weather disruptions in their supply chain costing them $20,000 per minute. They now proactively identify threats to planned shipments and reach out to suppliers to verify whether they can still ship, and if not, source from alternate suppliers or increase safety stock.

IT Incident Response

A major restaurant chain reduced its system downtime by 36 hours annually by decreasing the mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) per incident by 85 percent, from 20 minutes down to 3 minutes, resulting in a savings of more than $3 million.

CEM IT Incident Response

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