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Our mission


Our mission

Everbridge was founded in 2002, in the aftermath of the tragic events of 9/11, with a journey that evolved as a mission to help keep people safe amid critical situations. We have devoted nearly 20 years to develop a methodology through our experience in professional service, technology, and resources to mitigate risks through Critical Event Management (CEM). Our Best in Resilience™ Certification program provides employees, customers, and stakeholders with the confidence that their organization stands at the forefront of digital transformation and operates from a position of operational strength.

Our mission is to provide customers with an intuitive operating environment that provides ease of use and enhanced analytics, making it easier for them to fully understand and effectively react to real-time threats and unanticipated events as they unfold. CEM technology serves companies with valuable tools to mitigate risk, save lives, and accelerate resolution through response protocol to any disruptive incident, digital or physical, natural or humanmade.

20 year anniversary event
Dave Wagner 20th anniversary of Everbridge

Everbridge remains committed to developing products and services that help our customers increase their operational resilience while sustaining best practices. Because of companies’ increased internal complexities, we have accelerated our efforts to standardize CEM best practices with our CEM Standards Framework™, so organizations like yours can become certified, recognized, and validated as Best in Enterprise Resilience™.

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