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Standards & assessment

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Standards overview

Organizations are eligible for Best in Resilience™ Certification after completing the CEM Certification Assessment. The assessment evaluates organizations using Everbridge’s CEM Standards Framework™ which is based on 20 years of best practice insight in Critical Event Management.

“CEM has improved our efficiency by leaps and bounds. It’s transformed how we operate.”

Global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company

Best in Resilience™ – an enterprise perspective

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Our CEM expertise

The CEM Certification Assessment is led by the Everbridge Professional Services team, which has provided over 500,000 hours of consultation to thousands of customers over the past 5 years and has managed and supported the success of Critical Event Management (CEM) programs for many of the world’s largest and most advanced companies and institutions.

The assessment examines an organization’s competencies across four categories and several dimensions, including:

  • Data & analytics – Asset data, threat monitoring, reporting & insights
  • Digital transformation – digitized protocols, integrated view, scalable cloud
  • Smart process automation – process orchestration, automated correlation, response activation
  • Communication & collaboration – location-based communication, massive multimodal, engagement & collaboration

The assessment includes an orientation workshop, interviews, a report readout, and improvement activities.

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