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Everbridge Best in Enterprise Resilience™

Terms and conditions

For any service or engagement specific to, or in pursuit of, Everbridge Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification or other acknowledgement (collectively, “Certification”), the following terms and conditions apply. Any contract, purchase order, statement of work, or other work authorization based for Certification is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below.

All Everbridge Certifications will have a validity period of one year. The Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification applies to the particular organization to which that Certification has been awarded (“Client”). Should Client attempt to apply an Everbridge Certification to another organization without Everbridge’s prior written consent, it will result in potential revocation of the Certification, at Everbridge’s discretion.

Due to the nature of the certification services provided, Everbridge expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind with respect to the Certification, whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. Further, Everbridge does not represent or warrant that your organization will be resilient or without failures, errors, omissions, or losses.

In no event shall Everbridge be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, however caused, under any theory of liability, and whether or not Client has been advised of the possibility of such damage, arising out of, or related to, the Certification or any services provided by or on behalf of Everbridge or the performance or breach thereof. Further, in no event shall Everbridge’s aggregate liability, regardless of whether any action or claim is based on warranty, contract, tort, or otherwise, exceed amounts paid or due by Client to Everbridge for the Certification and any related services during the 12-month period prior to the event giving rise to such liability. The foregoing limitations shall apply even if Client’s remedies fail their essential purpose.

The engagement and its deliverables, including any aspects of the Certification, are furnished to Client and are solely for the benefit of Client.

All Everbridge Certifications and related marks or slogans, including but not limited to Best in Enterprise Resilience, Best in Enterprise Resilience, CEM Certified, and CEM Certified Standards Framework, are trademarks of Everbridge. Any use of such marks except in connection with the Certifications provided to Client or any attempt to amend the shape, coloring, or content of such marks may result in revocation of the Certification by Everbridge at its discretion.

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